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Terms and Conditions

We are White Island Villas Ltd registered at 23 Victoria Avenue, Harrogate, HG1 5RD, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Company number: GB09104369

These general terms and conditions – which may be modified from time to time – apply to the use of the website and all services made available online, by e- mail or by phone. By using and making a reservation through our website, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and consented to the general terms and conditions below.



  1. Our website is an online platform designed to provide you with a full list of quality holiday properties to rent in the Spanish Islands direct from many registered & reputable agencies, where you as a site visitor can make reservations. If you make a reservation on, you are entering into a (contractually binding) relationship with the accommodation provider whose property you are renting. We will only act as an intermediary between you and the accommodation provider.

  2. White Island Villas takes a commission or an advertising fee from advertisers only, making sure you pay the best possible price. There are no extra charges to guests.

  3. Find a villa – Free service. We have access to most agencies on the islands and have many brochures of villas that are not listed on the internet for security reasons. If you don’t see a suitable villa listed on our website, please contact us with your requirements and we will email you with a list of villas that we think could be a perfect match.


  4. We publish the details given to us by the property advertiser / agency, we are not responsible for any content on the properties we list, therefore if you require any further information at all regarding any of our listed properties, then please request this via the Contact form on the property page itself. is not a travel agent nor tour operator, nor the end supplier. We are an intermediary and an advertising platform for agencies wishing to advertise their villas within the Spanish Islands for rent. We are therefore in no way responsible for the properties themselves or the content of the adverts. We simply publish the information that the advertisers send to us.


  5. While we try and ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, these are passed onto us by our advertisers and errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your booking at the correct price or cancelling it. Occasionally, some prices shown are a guide only and, for your convenience, may have had calculations applied to them to give approximate comparisons and estimates, with regards to other similar prices listed, and/or currency rates which may fluctuate. There is no guarantee that prices are updated constantly, in real-time, nor that any offers shown are still available. Prices shown may only be available as part of a booking of a particular duration or offer, and may have restrictions or qualifying requirements and/or dates. Prices can only be confirmed at time of booking with the end supplier, including any extras, deposits, fees, taxes, surcharges, and/or miscellaneous or others charges. White Island Villas DO NOT hold any monies from the client. Payments go directly to the advertiser using their payment details so again we are not responsible for any payments or any payment protection, as we are purely an advertiser.
    All transactions are between yourself and the advertiser and the payment terms set out by our advertisers are shown on the rental contracts. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding the booking, the advertiser themselves or in fact the payment details on the booking, then all the advertiser contact details will be included on the booking rental contract, so please make any further checks with them personally. We advise you to do this in case there is anything you wish to check before proceeding, as naturally, this is nothing to do with us (White Island Villas LTD) – so it is up to you to check all you wish to check before making payment to the agency.


  6. After you have completed our booking form, the holiday home will be reserved for you (upon the accommodation providers approval), and the rental agreement for your booking will be sent to you by e-mail. With the realisation of this agreement, you are obliged to a 30% (in some cases 50%) down payment of the total rental price. This down payment needs to be transferred within 2 days after receiving this agreement. The rest of the outstanding amount, needs to be paid 6-8 weeks prior to arrival. Bookings that take place before 6 weeks of arrival need to be paid in full, and need to be transferred to the agents bank account directly after receiving the invoice and the agreement. When the sum is not paid in time, the client is in neglect: We then have the right to cancel the reservation.

    Note: In some instances, It is possible to pay with creditcard or via PayPal. If paid via one of these methods, we are obliged to add an extra transaction fee to the rental price. Correct fees will be provided at the time of booking from the accommodation provider.


  7. We publish the details given to us by the property advertiser. We are not responsible for the details of this or the property once you choose to rent this, we are only responsible for the advertising vehicle via which you found the property/ies. Therefore if you have any possible problems and/or complaints with regard to the property itself, or the advertiser, this is between yourself and the person / agency responsible for the property, as it is their responsibility to ensure that their property meets the correct standards and laws for renting.


This is our Agency Agreement with you THE COMPANY. You agree to contract with us on the terms set out below.

  1. You agree for us to advertise your villa’s on our website as well as social media and any magazine articles of our choice at no cost to you.

  2. White Island villa’s is a advertising platform only and are in no way responsible for any errors or mistakes that may occur when using our system. All information, booking conditions, rental contracts and payments are solely the companies responsibility. White Island Villa’s does not have any control over the booking process and the contract made is strictly between THE COMPANY and the guest.


  3. All the details included on our website are those which you have provided at the time of Adding a Property or editing your Personal/company Account details. We are therefore not responsible for any possible mistakes which may be found in your content. You are also responsible for ensuring that the information provided is a true representation of your property and what you have to offer, and that this property complies to all rental laws currently enforced within each Island of Spain.

  4. Any extra charges for services such as cleaning, Air conditioning, heating, and security deposits MUST be clearly stated on your rental contract as this is your sole responsibility and we will not be held responsible should a problem arise on the clients departure.

  5. We will not be held responsible for any charges where it is clear that the above has not been done.


  6. We are a platform used to advertise your villa/s for rent. We offer 2 advertising options. Flat Rate Annual fee or a Commission based package, see all details on our ‘Advertise with us’ page.

  7. Flat rate annual plan – You agree to make a payment to us yearly to advertise your villa’s and to keep your villas active. Failed payments will result in the villa/s being removed from the website.
    We provide you with your own control panel so you can see, control & modify all of your villas and bookings in one place as well as other features including a booking calendar, pricing features & Ical calendar feed.
    We offer free membership for use of the full system provided until you are ready for your villa’s to go live onto the website. As soon as a plan is chosen as payment is confirmed, we will look at the approval of all the villa’s you have listed as a user.
    All enquiries & booking requests will be sent directly to your Email address for you to personally respond & control therefore we are in no way involved with your Bookings and will not be responsible for any errors or changes to the listings.

  8. Commission based plan – you will need to contact us with all the information that we require listed on our ‘Advertise with us’ page. All commissions will be required as soon as the first deposit payment from the renter has been confirmed. White Island Villas will invoice your company for this agreed commission. All commissions paid are final, in the same way that your terms should outline that all deposits are final and non-refundable should a client choose to cancel at a later date post payment of such.

  9. Your adverts will benefit from the ongoing advertising schemes we run, including ongoing Search engine optimisations to ensure first page positions on all top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc, key worded articles & social media posts. This service therefore provides you with world wide exposure of your property across the Internet, listed for any user searching for any relevant information to any of the content on our website. Essentially we are here to offer an easy, cheap & professional link between yourself: the property renter and any person/s who wish to rent property in the Spanish Islands for their holiday.

  10. We are in no way a Travel Agency, nor a Property Rental Agency, we are purely and solely an Advertising and intermediary Service for people who wish to advertise their property on for rent. We are therefore in no way responsible for the properties themselves, nor do we offer any other type of Holiday Services.

  11. To clarify further, if you opt for our Flat Rate Annual Fee account, we will have no contact at all with any clients enquiring for your property. If you opt for our Commission based account, we will secure you bookings (based on the information you have supplied on your advert), then upon confirmation of such booking, the client will then liaise directly and solely with you to finalise the booking and confirm any deposit payment details, and we will have no further contact with the client regarding such booking.

  12. As outlined above, we are purely and solely an Advertising Service, therefore we are also in no way responsible for any problems which could arise from renting out your property, nor are we responsible for any damages which could occur to your property, or the contents of such, as a result of renting this out.

  13. You are also fully responsible for ensuring that, before you advertise, your property complies to all Laws relating to Property Rentals in the Spanish Islands.


  14. We cannot guarantee that by advertising with us you will get definite bookings, this is purely down to the product / purchaser. We are here to act as an advertising vehicle to ensure that your property is on display to be seen and get more exposure for potential renters.


  1. The present terms and conditions regulate the access and the use of this website The use of this website confers you the status of site user from the very moment that you access and start browsing this site, accessing any of its contents; from this very moment, the user expressly accepts the present general terms and conditions. Likewise, the user accepts the specific conditions applicable to the different services offered by the company through the web. From the moment of acceptance of these terms and conditions, the user commits to use this website and all its contents and services in accordance with the law, as well as the generally accepted rules of good practice and public order. Furthermore, the user agrees to act with the diligence corresponding to the nature of the services received through this website.
    We will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and other material contained in this website. Accessing, downloading and/or use of this website by any person is entirely at the risk of such person..

  2. White Island Villas Ltd grants users free access and usage of the information and services listed on the website. Users agree on using the webpage in accordance with the Law, with these conditions, with moral and rules of good practices generally accepted, and with public order.

  3. Generally, for services and information access on the webpage there is no required subscription or user registration. However, White Island Villa’s Ltd makes a condition for some of their services user registration, or filling a form to collect certain data. Such registration will be done in the specific way that is indicated on the webpage or in the particular conditions that regulate such particular service.

  4. From the moment these conditions are accepted, users agree on using the webpage in accordance with the Law, with these conditions, with moral and rules of good practices generally accepted, and with public order, using the diligence that is required from the nature of the service that they are using through the webpage.


  5. This Legal notice is only valid for the website and its contents owned by the company, and are not applicable to third parties’ hyperlinks or websites accessible through the webpage. Any links to other websites included on our website is for convenience only. Due to the fact that we have no control over the content of any other external website to which our website is linked, we will not be liable in the unlikely event of any issues or possible problems arising out of your use of such linked websites.


  6. You are welcome to use any information on our website for your own use; electronically or print as long as wherever used you place a link to The use of any information found on any external websites linked to from ours will be protected by their respective copyrights, terms and conditions.


  7. When we offer links and / or recommendations to other services via our website, this is offered as a pure recommendation, we are in no way responsible for the service itself.


  8. The content of this webpage is exclusively owned by the company, and, for expository purposes, not limitative, the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs, and any other element that appears in the webpage. Likewise, any trade name, brands or distinctive signatures of any sort contained in the website are protected by the intellectual and industrial property law. It is the company who has the rights to exert their exploitation rights of such intellectual property, in any deemed way, and, especially, the rights of reproduction, distribution, and public communication. User is expressly forbidden from using without explicit consent any intellectual or industrial property from the website, not even partially, and/or their contents.
    The company has the right to pursue legal action against any user that reproduces, distributes, commercialises, transforms, and, in general, any other sort of exploitation in any way, of all or part of the website contents that constitutes an infraction of their Intellectual and Industrial property rights.


  9. This agreement is governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any disputes arising from it.