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Mallorca Guide

Welcome to our Mallorca guide. It seem’s like there is a whole world to explore on this island of contrasts. From rugged mountain ranges to pristine sandy beaches, charming fishing villages to intriguing medieval towns, there is certainly a wide variety of things to see and do here.

Beach hopping, mountain hiking, caving and canyoning, sight seeing, you name it, Mallorca has it. Discover interesting articles in our Mallorca guide when planning your perfect holiday on this historical picturesque island.

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The island of Mallorca aptly named the star of the Mediterranean, is the largest of the Balearic Islands and a popular holiday destination for all ages.  Each area is quite different to experience, which brings visitors back to it’s shores time an time again and leaving wanting to see more.

Due to the large variety of things to see and do on the island, Mallorca is a year round destination spot, the busiest being the summer months from June to September when the vibrant tourist season is in full swing. Winter however can be a great time of year for adventure sports. Canyoning and caving while the rain flows through the crags can be a really exciting and challenging experience for thrill seekers.

Palma is the largest city on the island and where you will land if you arrive by plane. From here, visitors can can head for the quieter picturesque coastal towns or escape to a secluded hideaway in the countryside where fruitful olive groves and citrus orchards are abundant. Some may seek solitude in the Tramuntana Mountains and others may explore the magical cave systems that are scattered over the island.  If it’s the lively atmosphere you’re searching for, then stick to vibrant spots such as Palma and Magaluf. For many though, it is simply the serenity of the beach that is calling them to the meandering coasts of Mallorca and the idea of staying in an idyllic Mallorcan villa.

Our Mallorca guide is the perfect place for finding information on everything of interest, with articles like best beaches, things to do in Mallorca and the incedible Palma to Soller train and many more. If you’re in the planning stages for your dream holiday, now is the time to relax and delve into this fascinating historical vibrant world of Mallorca.

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