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Ibiza Guide

Welcome to our Ibiza guide. Ibiza is quite simply a melting pot of history, culture and people, and it offers some of the most spectacular scenery on earth.  It is without a doubt, the perfect place to discover, doze and dream.

Ibiza is also an island of contrasts. From the hedonistic clubbing scene, to the tranquil pine clad hills that seem a world away, there is certainly not a shortage of places to see and things to do in Ibiza.

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Ibiza is an extraordinary and lively island basking in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain.  As part of the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is arguably one of the trendiest holiday spots in the Mediterranean, beckoning thousands of visitors each year to drink up the sun and colourful cocktails.  Due to the unique variety of things to see and do on the island, Ibiza appeals to people of all ages, particularly in the sweltering summer months from June to September when the vibrant tourist season is in full swing.

Tourists flock to the shores of this world heritage site each year to explore the extraordinary pine-clad coastline and spend their days beach-hopping or chasing the sun on lavish yachts.  Others are keen to delve into the chequered history of Ibiza which dates back to the Roman times, by exploring the ancient forts and castles dotted over the island.  Many visitors venture to Ibiza to seek inspiration for their creativity by immersing themselves in the artistic scene.  Some are simply keen to seek refuge from the world, by finding seclusion in one of the many extravagant holiday villas in Ibiza.

Our Ibiza guide is the perfect place for finding information on all things Ibiza, with articles like best beaches, things to do and getting married in Ibiza and many more. If you’re in the planning stages for your dream holiday, now is the time to relax with a coffee or something fizzy and delve into this fascinating and colourful world of the Island of Ibiza.

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